TXTR By Cantu Oil+Vitamins Scalp Saver 5oz

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Txtr by Cantu Scalp Saver is packed with a blend of vitamins, extracts, and essential and natural oils to help soothe, strengthen, and add shine to natural hair. The iconic Cantu formula hydrates and nourishes hair, and added nutrients take hair health to all new levels. Rosemary oil moisturizes dry scalp, while Burdock root Oil soothes itching, and irritation often experienced during protective styling. Vitamin A fights free radicals, Vitamin D provides natural hair growth, Vitamin E Adds beautiful shine, and Vitamin K produces hair health and strength. Perfect for people with eczema-related dryness and those seeking a natural Relief from chronic dry, itchy scalp. The Txtr by Cantu Scalp Saver contains no harsh ingredients like silicones, mineral oil, parabens, or fragrance. To use, lift nozzle and remove the seal from the scalp Saver, and then replace nozzle and remove the cap. Apply the scalp Saver directly to scalp for immediate relief. Do not rinse. For best results, wash Hair regularly with Txtr by Cantu Cleansing oil shampoo and follow with Txtr by Cantu leave-in + rinse-out hydrating conditioner.