Clubman After Shave Lotion - 6Oz Tequila Tease

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The Tequila Tease scent creates crisp, sharp notes of effervescent lime and green leaves, enriched with herbal and geranium notes of rose and lemon accents. Comforting post-shave soothes and exhilarates the skin as it helps heal nicks. Remember that the start of a shaving routine includes preparing your skin for a close shave with Shave Oil. To help your razor glide smoothly on you skin use Clubman Shave Cream

• 6 fl oz 

• liquid finish

HEALS AND PROTECTS, AFTERSHAVE LOTION: Looking for the perfect aftershave? Consider your search over! Clubman Reserve Tequila Tease After Shave Lotion not only helps soothe skin but also helps heal and ward off painful skin irritations. So, no razor burns, cuts, and ingrown hairs for you! It’s infused with antiseptic properties of alcohol, so if you enjoy that cool and gentle tingling feeling after a shave while keeping infection-causing bacteria at bay, then this aftershave treat is for you!

INTOXICATING CITRUS SCENT FOR MEN: Like a shot of tequila paired with lime, Clubman Reserve Tequila Tease After Shave offers that same feeling of going from an average Joe into a regal charmer whose captivating scent can hypnotize anyone in the room! This masculine cologne features crisp lime and lemon scent with geranium, vanilla, musk, and bittersweet almond notes, and though this doesn't contain consumable alcohol, its powers of seduction remain nevertheless intoxicating!

SKIN-SOOTHING POST SHAVE TONER: Perfect for the most sensitive of skin after a shave, Clubman Reserve Tequila Tease After Shave Lotion helps to calm delicate skin, reduce any rash or redness while simultaneously offering an ultra-cooling tingling effect. Calling upon a blend of refreshing ingredients, this comforting after-shave formula exhilarates skin with a single splash while toning it and tightening the pores to ultimately reveal soft and smooth post-shaved skin!

CONVENIENT SIZE, GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Clubman Reserve Tequila Tease After Shave is all you need to stay smelling fresh and clean, leaving you always ready to take on the day. Great to use after shaving to calm skin, right after showering to stay cool, or right before heading out for the night. It comes in a handy 6-oz bottle so you can take it with you anywhere! A little splash of it goes a long way to keep you smelling fresh, so you'll find it to last you a long time without hurting your pocket!