Clubman After Shave Lotion - 6Oz Sweet Rum

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The Sweet Rum creates a warm tropical breeze of blackberry, black currant, black plum and cassis until it breaks free into a creamy, balsamic, woodsy blend of myrrh and frankincense. Comforting post-shave soothes and exhilarates the skin as it helps heal nicks.

• 6 fl oz 

• liquid finish

Want to have the Shaving Regimen you deserve? Make sure to prepare your skin with Shave Oil to help provide protection for your skin from nicks and cuts. No matter which beard style you have make sure you put shave lather on with a shave brush that helps your razor glide over your skin. To finish off your shave make sure you leave your skin refreshed & soothed with one of our best selling after shave products