Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel 4oz

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  • SUPERIOR SHAVING GEL – This clear shave gel is terrific for all skin types and tones.  Whether you have a fair Caucasian skin tone or dark African American skin tone, you will love this shaving gel.
  • EASY PAIN-FREE SHAVING – The days of razor burns, bumps, redness, ingrown hairs and irritation are over.  The gel improves razor glide which will leave your skin feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom.
  • COOLING SENSATION – If you have sensitive skin then this is a must-have addition to your shaving repertoire.  The shave gel has menthol in it which rejuvenates, soothes and cools your skin. You’ll start feeling that tingly magic right away!
  • WOMEN LOVE IT TOO – It is an outstanding shaving gel for women!  Women use it to safely shave their underarms, legs, bikini line and intimate areas.  Since it is a clear gel, it makes it easy for you to see exactly where you are shaving.
  • NOURISHES AND PROTECTS – The shave gel is designed to not only provide a clean, close shave, but also leave your skin feeling healthy and fresh.  It works great when paired with Bump Patrol Aftershave Treatment.