BTL Tropical Paradise Scalp Finishing Oil 3.38oz

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  • BTL Scalp Finishing Oil 100ml
  • Crafted with several different kinds of oil such as Grape Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, etc. BTL SCALP FINISHING OIL is a luxurious, concentrated hair and scalp treatment you want. Packaged in a glass bottle this oil is specially formulated to repair and invigorate your everyday needs:
  • REVITALIZING EFFECT helps repair itchy scalp relieve hair damage, and stimulate your scalp
  • MOISTURIZING SHINE Deeply moisturize dry ends and lock it with a long lasting shine
  • NOURISHING HAIR GROWTH Nourish your roots and promote healthy hair growth
  • HAIR PROTECTION Protect your hair from UV damage.
  • The perfect blend of luxurious natural oils sugar coated with fruit candies.
  • For best results pair it with other BTL products—it enhances its effects as well as the overall scent!