Ardell Individuals Knot Free Long Black

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  • Made-To-Measure Lashes: A treat for the beauty pro in you! Get EXACTLY the lash look you want with the Ardell Knot-Free Faux Mink Individuals - Long pack. Get 60 intricately crafted lash clusters at your command for your next beauty masterpiece!
  • Fine Faux Mink Fibers: Spoil yourself with ultra-luxurious, silky soft faux mink lash fibers. Lush and rich fibers that taper to a fine tip that mimics the look and feel of natural hair. Enhances your true lashes with its long fiber length for a more extravagant look! Features 20 faux lash fiber strands per cluster. They’re cruelty-free and vegan-friendly too.
  • 2-Week Lash Affair: Enjoy up to 2 weeks of fluffy, flirty, fluttering lashes with Ardell Knot- Free Faux Mink Individuals - Long. Put them on with your favorite individual lash adhesive (yes, Ardell) and you’re good to go! So simple and straightforward, you just can’t go wrong. Need them for just a day? Works well with strip lash adhesives too.
  • Seamless and Invisible: Thank everyone who has been kind enough to let your faux lash faux pass slide all this time, but that ends now! No one will ever know you’re even wearing falsies with these Knot-Free Individuals. Get a crisp, invisible yet oh-so-comfortable false lash fit that you deserve. Let’s go!